A.L.1 Protocol

The A.L.1 Protocol (At Least 1) allows the parameterizable creation of blockchains and their associated business logic, where security is prioritized above all else. Use it as layer 0 of your project and benefit from all its advantages.

Main Features


Allows you to create one or more blockchains that interact with each other

Choose centralized, distributed or mixed behavior

The content of the block can be anything


Allows encrypting individual content of a block


Secure interface for external devices to provide information

Parameterizable business logic: smart contracts, cryptocurrencies...

Maximum security: triple content check prior to confirmation

It allows to ensure in real time that a content will be written in the blockchain

Multi-device and multi-platform client program, with configurable authentication

Incorporate efficient mining. Choose tasks, time and reward

Certify your content using AL1 Proyect S.L as a trusted third party

In decentralized environments a single active node is enough to operate

Do you want to use A.L.1 Protocol in your project?

Logo de la empresa AL1 Project SL

AL1 Project S.L is a company located in Spain = Peace of mind for the client.

The company AL1 Project S.L owns the rights to the Protocol A.L.1. That a European company, with physical headquarters, is responsible for the protocol is a guarantee.

Learn about all the services offered by AL1 Project S.L by clicking here.

An example of a project based on Project AL1

Logo Proyecto Litra

Litra Project

For a cryptocurrency not belonging to a government or bank to be accepted worldwide as legal may seem extremely difficult, but if we add that said cryptocurrency is only a small part of a project that offers a series of innovative technological solutions, such as secure payments to through the Internet or content certification through smart contracts, where the crypto community, banks and other large companies can collaborate, and where users from all over the world will feel involved in the decisions made; It may be thought that it is impossible. If, finally, it is added that it is intended to be carried out with a project based on an orderly decentralization, distributing the annual benefit (if any) as payment among all the participants, possibly more than one person would classify it as madness for the present time.

The future has arrived, and this madness is real, learn more about the Litra Project at www.litra.io