The company AL1 Proyect S.L offers the following services:

Assignment of use of Protocol A.L.1

A.L.1 is the initial layer, and on top of it others will be added depending on the functions that your specific project performs.

The amount to be paid will depend on the specific project (it will be free in the case of social projects). The form of payment can be the following:

Payment in cryptocurrency generated by the project itself

If your project is related to the launch of a cryptocurrency, you can pay for the use of the AL1 Protocol with a small part of the generated cryptocurrency.

Traditional payment in fiat currency

It is the traditional payment with fiat currency (euros, dollars, pounds, etc.)

Payment with litras or elitras

You can pay with the cryptocurrency litra or elitras, which is the cryptocurrency and stablecoin of the Litra Project (

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Programming in Litra Project


The layers on AL1 must be programmed according to the business logic of your specific project. In this case the services offered are:

Full comprehensive development

If your project is new, tell us the requirements and we will quote you to make it happen.

If you have your team of developers

In this case, we will provide the interface of the A.L.1 Protocol nodes that will be used, so that a correct development can be carried out.

If you want to make your system more secure by adapting it to A.L.1

We can fully carry out the migration, or advise your development team on how to carry it out.

High performance servers

The servers provide computing power to the protocol nodes. You may choose to:

Use the servers of AL1 Project S.L

Mediante una pequeña cuota mensual podrá hacer uso de los servidores gestionados por AL1 Project S.L. El número de servidores necesario dependerá de las necesidades de su proyecto concreto.

Use your own servers

In this case, the nodes adapted to the number of servers they have will be provided.

Content certification

Content certification

We can act as trusted third parties, complying with current regulations, to certify:

The content of a blockchain

You can send us the content or tell us where to download it and how often

Any other digitizable content

Images, voice, emails… there are no limits. The digitization service is also offered here if the information is on other types of media.

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